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The gift of Ayurveda

Triphala has a myriad benefits primarily because of its composition of 3 powerful healing herbs as discussed in the earlier issues. In Ayurveda, Triphala is considered a 'tridosha rasayana', having balancing and rejuvenating effects on the three constitutional elements that govern human life: Vata which regulates the nervous system, Pitta which maintains metabolic processes, and Kapha which supports structural integrity.
Amalaki, Emblica Officinalis, one of Ayurveda's greatest rejuvenators and a strong natural anti-oxidant, also helps to boost the immune system and balances Pitta. Haritaki, Terminalia Chebula, the "king of medicine", a classic heart-brain-longevity tonic, is often depicted in the extended palm of the Buddha and balances Vata. Vibhitaki, Terminalia Belerica, a powerful rejuvenative that reduces liver and heart disease, also improves the voice, vision and promotes the growth of hair and balances Kapha.
Benefits of Triphala
  • Triphala for Colon Cleansing - In a survey conducted worldwide, Triphala was considered the best colon cleanser in the world. All three herbs in Triphala are laxative in nature and very beneficial in removing toxins. Colon cleansing is an ancient and proven practice for rejuvenating the body. Colon cleansing helps detoxify and clean decayed food residues and other toxic substances accumulated in the intestines walls. This not only gets rid of constipation, hemorrhoids, parasites, flatulence, acne, bad breath and foul body but also prevents colon cancer. Colon cleansing also helps to relieve headaches, irritability, and depression.
  • Triphala, formulated by Ayurvedic physicians thousands of years ago and used by literally billions of people since, is considered the most effective and safest laxative and colon tonic. Where other colon formulas are depleting, Triphala is mild, non-habit forming, and a rejuvenative. It improves the absorption of food in intestines especially in the duodenum where most chemical digestion takes place. 
  • Triphala also helps to stimulate various gastric enzymes that help to convert complex food into more easily digestible form. More over Triphala stimulates the peristaltic action of the intestinal lining (due to its anthroquinones and other bitters) that also aids in proper movement of food at various levels of the digestive tract. it is also helpful in making the stool loose there by facilitation the easy evacuation of the bowel. The balance of tannins naturally present in it has a toning effect. In vitro have also shown that triphala is lethal to a variety of gastrointestinal pathogens, including bacteria such as Salmonella typhii, Shigella, Klebsiella and Pseudomonas, and fungi like Candida albicans.

    Triphala's benefits for the digestive system make it a very useful herbal medicine for treating Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) and Ulcerative Colitis.
Triphala for Weight Loss 
  • Severe obesity is usually accompanied by congestion of the internal organs of elimination, including the liver and bowels. One recent molecular finding supports Triphala's traditional use in treating obesity. Researchers at the BRA Centre for Biomedical Research found that active molecules in triphala bind to the cellular receptor for CCK. CCK, or cholecystokinin, is a satiety hormone, released to indicate that you are full, and is especially responsive to fat. Synthetic analogs of CCK are under development by pharmaceutical companies to help people realize that they’re full, thereby controlling appetite and supporting healthy weight. Since both overeating and obesity disrupt digestion and overburden the gastrointestinal tract, including the liver and bowel. As a result, digestion is compromised, leading to poor nutrient assimilation, imbalances and overgrowth in the intestinal microflora, and putrefaction of ill-digested food. For such conditions, triphala can be highly effective in removing stagnation of both the liver and intestines.
Triphala for Blood Purification, Blood Circulation and Blood pressure
  • Triphala's strong affinity for micro-organisms prevents them from causing damage in the body and renders them inactive. This astringent property of Triphala helps in purification of blood and also helps in maintaining the proper density of the blood. Hence it is very helpful in eradicating all blood borne diseases and also skin related problems. 
  • Triphala reduces the serum cholesterol, and high blood pressure. It significantly improves function of the liver as well as blood circulation. It has the ability to exert a remarkable protection against cardiovascular diseases. Triphala reduces the plaque formation in the arteries thereby reducing the risk of heart related problems caused due to arteriosclerosis
Triphala for Immunity
  • Triphala has powerful anti oxidant agents that help in regularizing the metabolism of cells and ease their proper functioning. This reduces the risk of production of free radicals that are the main cause of aging. It also stimulates the functioning of cell organelles like mitochondria, golgi bodies and nucleus that play a vital role in proper functioning of the cell. Recent studies have shown Triphala to be an anti-cancer agent. It has the ability to kill tumor cells while sparing normal ones
Triphala for Controlling Diabetes
  • Triphala is very effective in treating diabetes mellitus and is being practiced by Ayurveda  practitioners since long. It helps in stimulating the pancreas. Pancreas contains islet of langerhans that secretes insulin. Insulin is responsible for maintaining the proper glucose level in the body. More over due to its bitter taste it is also advisable to be taken in hyperglycemia. In a study conducted by the American Botanical Council, it was shown that Triphala greatly reduced blood glucose levels in diabetic rats. The study concluded that the mechanism of action of these extracts for lowering blood glucose is not known, but they may decrease the effect of inflammatory cytokine release in diabetics, which in turn might reduce insulin resistance. Interestingly, the authors note that traditional medications used to treat diabetes also have significant antioxidant effects.
Triphala in correcting eye disorders Triphala is also widely taken for all eye diseases including the treatment of conjunctivitis, progressive myopia, the early stages of glaucoma and cataracts.
Triphala іn cancer treatment
Studies hаνе proved thе benefit іn treating cancer patients wіth triphala. In thе study “Potential οf traditional Ayurvedic formulation, Triphala, аѕ a novel anticancer drug”, researchers аt thе Bhabha Atomic Research Centre found thаt triphala “possessed thе ability tο induce cytotoxicity іn tumor cells bυt spared thе normal cells.” Thеу concluded thе triphala hаѕ a “potential υѕе аѕ аn anti drug fοr clinical treatment”.
A recent study frοm thе Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center, Amarillo, Texas concludes thаt “Triphala іѕ effective іn inhibiting thе growth οf human pancreatic cancer cells іn both cellular аnd іn vivo model. 
Anti-inflammatory аnd anti-Stress benefits οf triphala
Triphala‘s anti-inflammatory properties саn prevent painful joint conditions such аѕ arthritis аnd gout. It аlѕο boosts immunity. Helps relieve mental stress аnd improves mental function.
  • Triphala enters into various formulation of Ayurvedic medicines because of its immense healing properties. 
    Rejuvenate with the goodness of Triphala and celebrate health


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